Saturday, April 2, 2011

Things I Subconsciously Miss

Living here is a lot different than my life in the States, in case you haven't figured that out! I like my life here, and I rarely find myself thinking about things or people I miss. But in the past few weeks some things have hit me that I didn't realize I missed.

~ I miss looking out my window and seeing mountains. The other day I was out near the outskirts of town and in the distance I could see hills; tiny hills, but hills none the less. I stopped and turned to just look at them. My friend who was with me is from a flat part of the States and didn't quite understand why I was so excited. Neither did the people walking by us. I've now changed my desktop to a picture that I took on my way out of town with the pink sky of sunrise behind the Rockies.

~ I miss driving. I knew that I missed it some degree, mostly because of the freedom that it brings, but today as I exited school, I reached into my purse and grabbed my keys to start finding the car key. It was a strange moment of confusion when I realized what I was doing.

~ I miss my sisters' closets and sharing clothes. Yesterday, my dear friend S gave me some tops to borrow for the next month to add some variety to clothes I've been wearing for the last 5 months. I can't wait to get home and raid my sisters' closets when I want something a little different (watch out E!).

I know that soon, I'll have these things, and I'll be missing everything here, but as long as I don't dwell on what I don't have, I think it's healthy to miss things sometimes.