Sunday, February 20, 2011

In The Past Few Days...

This is a compilation of random things that have made me smile recently, and maybe a thing or two that will brighten your day as well.

A few days ago...

...I heard someone singing in the shower. Apparently that's an international thing!

...I was having a hard time lighting a match for the stove. After striking several different matches and only getting tiny sparks, if anything, a flame finally arose. The only problem...the box of matches had lit instead of the match! Luckily it was easily put out and the box of matches is still mostly in tact.

...I was riding the bus that I take twice a week in the early morning. Each bus has a kumsari, a man who takes the money and tells the driver when to pull over. As we approached where I usually stop the bus to get off, (which is indicated by snapping your fingers at the kumsari) the kumsari looks up and looks directly at me, expectantly. Kinda freaky, he apparently recognized me and knew where I was going!

...a friend said, "Driving here is like a Nintendo game. Only you don't get any re-do's."

...I saw an empty bus stop and pull over to the side of the road. The kumsari reached out, grabbed a few bricks from the random pile of them on the corner and put them in the bus. I presume they were used to hold some of the seats up.

...I was putting on a Veggie Tales for some kids and one of the older ones said, "Hey, this isn't pirated!" Only an American growing up overseas...

And that, my readers, pretty much sums up everyday life around here.

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