Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Yep, this entire post is about showering. I often get the question of, what does your everyday life look like there, and well, showering is something I do every day, so I thought that I'd write about it. Plus, today was a monumental day in my showering routine. Why?

I took a hot shower for the first time in almost 2 months! For the first few weeks I was staying at a home that had a hot water heater, but did I use it? Of course not! I was still adjusting to the 90 degree heat. In fact, it was so warm one day that I decided to shower mi-afternoon to cool myself down. I turned on only the cold tap, but the water was lukewarm from being in the pipes and didn't cool me down at all. I came out of the shower cleaner, but non any cooler. Once I moved into the place I'm at now I was getting used to the temperatures, and it was getting a bit cooler outside. Unfortunately, the water doesn't warm up in the pipes here like it did at the house, so I was taking cold showers for awhile.

But then it really started cooling down, so I started taking bucket showers. I mastered the mixture of almost boiling water and cold water to get the perfect amount of water to wash with. Bucket showers still just aren't the same though, and I never feel like I'm actually clean after one (but don't worry, I am!). So, I was elated and couldn't wait to take a shower when I found out the water heater had been fixed!

On the note of showers, have you ever wondered why they make it so that the water comes out at an angle instead of just straight down like rain? I wonder no longer! At the place I'm staying the pipe comes out to the center of the shower stall and then the shower head comes straight down, meaning that the water just falls straight down. I think it's because there might not be enough water pressure to push it out at an angle, but I never realized how much someone was thinking when they decided to make the water angle out like it does! All the water just ends up landing on my head and soaking into my hair if I stand underneath it, so I kind of end up doing the hokey-pokey in order to get clean. If you still are wondering why it's so hard, try to take a shower outside next time it rains, and let me know how it goes!

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Larisa said...

haha, lovely. I never realized the physics behind my american shower. I shall now appreciate it much more.