Tuesday, January 4, 2011

T's Eulogy

I can't believe I'm writing this- that I actually got to this point. We'll start at the beginning.

I don't like animals. Despise might be a more appropriate word, especially when it comes to pets. Maybe it's because I never had one growing up, except for that puppy we had for a week (I loved her, but we really just weren't pet people and returned her). And now my youngest sisters have bunnies, but they mind their own business in their cages in the basement. I know that all animals are God's creation, but I'd really rather have no contact with them, with a few exceptions.

Somehow, the dog that lived in my compound found a place in my heart. This dog, T, (whose full name I won't use to protect his identity- just kidding, I actually just have no idea how to spell the whole thing!) was one of the scrawniest, dirtiest dogs I've ever seen. Exhibit A:

Since he used to be a pet (he got left on the street when his owners moved out of the country) I was always worried that he would come rub up against me looking for attention and then give me some weird disease. But the amazing thing is, he never would. He would come close, maybe give you a pathetic look, but he never touched anyone. He started to become my morning companion whenever I went outside. He sort of lived in our compound, but he would go out to the trash piles to find food. Most mornings I would let him out of the gate, and then awhile later he would come scratching at the door and come back in- sometimes with something unpleasant to chew on. Some mornings he'd sit near me as I had a quiet time and drank my coffee. T started to grow on me, and every once in awhile I'd even have the urge to pet him- although I never did, I just wasn't quite ready to put my health and cleanliness on the line! But he definitely got on my short list of dogs I like.

Sadly, I haven't seen T in around 2 weeks now, and I think he might be gone forever. You were loved T, and I kind of miss you!
T chewing on a sheep hoof that he came back with one morning!

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Larisa said...

How depressing, I used to have a stray dog that followed me around in Buena Vista, he was awesome. But The pound caught him and put him down because he apparently bit someone :(