Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Learning Curve!

I knew coming here that I would be forced to learn a lot of new things. I knew I'd be learning the language, how to get around the city, where and how to shop, and how to use electrical cords.

Wait, maybe not that last one. Definitely not that last one. I didn't expect that I'd be learning to troubleshoot electrical problems beyond using an adapter to plug my computer in. But I was wrong! I haven't had quite enough experience to put electrician on my resume, but I've been proud of how I have figured out how to get power to various things around here!

Here's one example:

There is a computer plugged into the extension cord, but at the bottom of the picture you can see how the cord ends... Not good, but the computer needed to be plugged in so I could use it in teaching my computer class, so I grabbed the little ends (only by the rubber part of course), prayed that I wouldn't die, and...

Wa-la! the computer had power! One spark might have flown, but I didn't get shocked. This is something I wouldn't have even attempted in the States, but here, things like that are just a part of my everyday life!

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